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Inspire Rock Gym - Spring

Inspire Rock Gym - Cypress

Momentum Indoor Climbing - Silver Street

Threshold Climbing and Fitness - Oklahoma City

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The Sending Stick is an extendable brush designed for rock climbers to make cleaning holds as effortless as possible.

Here are its most distinguishing features:




    -Durable and Rigid-      

    -Boar's Hair Bristles-      

    -Easy to Use-      

Total weight of 0.5 lbs (227 g).

Collapsed length of 18.5 in (47 cm). The Sending Stick can be easily thrown into your gym bag or your backpack.

Extends to 60.5 in (152.4 cm), allowing you to clean holds far above your head without having to climb up to them (save valuable energy!).

Its rigid aluminum construction is ideal for transferring force between your hands and the head of the brush.

The gold standard. The sending stick has a large, full head of bristles.


"Twist-lock" feature allows climbers to extend and collapse the brush easily.

Every attempt matters


At a competition, attempts could decide whether you podium (and get free swag!)

On a climbing trip, failed attempts waste valuable time and energy

When working on your gym project, finish it quickly and move on with your life!

Why not make every go the best go?

User Instructions

​Hold the Sending Stick as shown in the picture

Twist the head to unlock all sections of the stick

Adjust the stick to the desired height

Twist the head to firmly lock all sections of the stick

Enjoy cleaning those holds from the ground!


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Raymund Lee -