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Hello! I'm Raymund

I am a passionate electrical engineer and fitness fanatic

I'm currently working as an Resource Forecasting and Analysis Engineer specializing in analyzing renewable generator performance and renewable forecasting.

Outside of work, you can probably find me climbing at Austin Bouldering Project.

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Raymund Lee

Electrical Engineer
Resource Forecasting and Analysis Engineer
Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)


Date of Birth:

May 24th, 1991

2020 February to present

Resource Forecasting and Analysis Engineer

Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)

Evaluate IRR forecast performance and impact on ERCOT processes such as SCED, RUC, Operator Displays, and public reports. Regularly work with forecast vendors and EMS Dev teams to address forecasting issues and implement forecast-related improvement projects. Perform complex data analysis under time constraints to support control room, management, and stakeholders.

  • Used SAS to prove the effectiveness of new dispatch technique for IRRs behind GTCs (NPRR 1111). Received stakeholder buy-in and awaiting implementation.

  • Played lead role in EMS upgrade projects involving writing business requirements, evaluating/tuning parameters, testing, and communicating changes to grid operators. SCR 800, SCR 811, PR373).

  • Identified and implemented changes to significantly reduce solar forecast error and overforecast bias. Scheduled to present results to stakeholders (WMWG, Aug. 2022).

  • Developed Python tool to automate reliability unit commitment (RUC) analysis and visualize committed capacity margin seen at each RUC execution.

  • Created automated reports which help identify resource telemetry issues, unqualified resources providing ancillary services, and summarize forecast performance.

  • Discovered correlation between forecast behaviors and forecast error, allowing quantification of future forecast uncertainty.

  • Developed library of python functions and SQL queries which are the basis for most of the department’s ad-hoc forecasting-related analysis.

2019 February

EDP Engineer


Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)

One-year, rotational program with exposure to multiple departments in ERCOT including modeling, planning, operations, and markets

  • Developed interactive chart in a web-based tool using HTML and javascript to show the differences between two methods of calculating online generation headroom: PRC and RTOLCAP.

  • Identified factors causing differences in contingency analysis solutions between EMS and Powerworld.

  • Created Excel VBA tool to identify entities who are late to notify ERCOT of an outage extension.

2018 Summer


PJM Interconnection 

  • Developed PJM's GMD model using PSS/E and Python, meeting NERC TPL-007 compliance deadline

  • Validated accuracy of model using field measurements and data visualization


Research Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Texas A&M University

  • Used PowerWorld to simulate how the effect of geomagnetic storms or EMPs on a power system vary with different earth conductivity models

  • Developed a MATLAB tool to automate calculating the magnitude of an EMP, caused by a high altitude nuclear blast, at any latitude and longitude.

  • Teaching Assistant for Power Systems Operations and Control

Research Paper Publications

  • Electric Grid Impacts of E3 HEMP With Detailed Ground Modeling (1st Author, Accepted to IEEE Trans. of Power Systems)

  • Comparing the Impact of HEMP Electric Field Waveforms on a Synthetic Grid (1st Author, Accepted to NAPS 2018)

  • Impact of 1D vs 3D Earth Conductivity Based Electric Fields on GIC (3rd Author, Accepted to ISGT 2018)

  • Impact of Geomagnetic Disturbances on Power System Transient Stability (3rd Author, Accepted to NAPS 2018)


Electrical Maintenance 

and Reliability Engineer

Ascend Performance Materials

  •  Managed multidisciplinary project team of electrical, chemical and mechanical engineers who installed a 1250HP cooling tower motor on schedule and under budget

  •  Composed detailed electrical switching procedures, lock out plans, and executed maintenance work on time despite unexpected changes to the scope of the plant shut down

  • Replaced 20kVA UPS system while maintaining critical loads by developing detailed drawing packages, installation procedures and electrical switching procedures

  • Performed investigation of variable frequency drive (VFD) failure by reviewing evidence, interviewing operators, and researching technical documents. Revealed s systemic problem with the way VFDs were grounded all throughout the production unit.

  • Simplified site-wide lightning protection strategy by reducing number of arresters by 50%


Master of Science

in Electrical Engineering

Texas A&M University                      GPA 4.0/4.0

Coursework: Computer Relays, Harnessing Solar Energy, Electronic Motor Drives, Power System Transient Stability, Power System Reliability, Power System Faults and Protective Relays, Power System Economics, Power Systems Analysis Methods, Convex Optimization


Bachelor's Degree

in Electrical Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin    GPA 3.52/4.0

Coursework: Power Systems Lab, Power Quality and Harmonics, Power Electronics Lab, Electric Drives and Machines, Solar Energy Conversion Devices


Dynamic Simulation of EMP

Dynamic Simulation of HEMP

This video is a side-by-side comparison of two dynamic studies in which an HEMP was applied to a 10,000 bus synthetic grid. The only difference between the two simulations is the ground conductivity model used to calculate the HEMP electric field. The video clearly shows that the uniform model yields more severe impacts to the grid's voltage stability.

The HEMP electric fields used in this video were calculated using a tool I developed using MATLAB.

Sports and Fitness
At any point of time in my life, I have been obsessed with at least one sport.  My major obsessions have been taekwondo, running, basketball, and most recently, rock climbing.  My involvement in these sports has shaped my mentality of continual self-improvement in all aspects of my life. 
Rock Climbing Tick List

Tequila Sunrise (V11)

Crimping Matters (V10)

Dragon's Tail (V10)

Resident Evil (V10)

Tribal Sound (V10)

Climbing Competition Results

Texas State Flash Fest (2019) - 1st place

Southwest Boulderfest, Expert (2019) - 2nd place

Collegiate Regionals (2018) - 2nd place, Bouldering

Texas State Flash Fest (2018) - 2nd place

Baylor Bear Climb (2018) - 3rd place

A&M Commerce (2018) - 3rd place

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